About Me

My name is Sebastian Law and I am a rising senior attending Seattle University majoring in Computer Science. I am a student athelete on the Track and Field team at Seattle U as well and I plan to graduate June 2024.

Email: slaw@seattleu.edu

About My Mentor

Name: Megan Hofmann

School: Northeastern University

Department: Khoury College of Computer Science

Area of Research: Human-Computer Interactions, Personal Health Informatics, Accesibility, and Digital Fabrication

Website: https://www.megan-hofmann.com/

About My Project

The research project I will be working on this summer is called Knit Stimming. I will be researching ways that advanced automatic knitting machines can be used to create products that help with stimming, something that people with Autism and ADHD are commonly affected by. I will be using KnitScript to write code that will create fabrics of different knitting patterns on the knitting machine that will be used in the stimming prototypes that I will create.

My Final Report

My Blog

My Blog